Before You Go – Cruise Tips

Safety equipment and comfort

Our ship is harmonized with the most modern international and European safety regulations having all the necessary equipment (lifeboats, navigation and communication instruments etc.) and disposes of highly trained staff providing our guests a safe and comfortable journey.


Medical Incidents

There is no doctor on board; however, our personnel is trained to provide first aid assistance in case of an emergency until the ship approaches the nearest port.



Based on the Greek regulations, smoking is prohibited indoors. Relevant smoking signs are placed in specially formed smoking areas.


Food Allergies

If any passenger is following a specific diet/ nutrition, or suffers from any allergies or food intolerance the ship’s personnel should be informed two days prior to the departure so that the chef can modify your menu accordingly.


Warm month attire

If you are travelling during the summer months, please choose to dress lightly, selecting cotton clothing that will make you feel more comfortable. You can also take your swimsuit along if you wish. It will be at your convenience to always use sunglasses and a hat as well as suntan lotions for lighter skins. In the evening a sweater or jacket is recommended, since there is the possibility of humidity and/ or a light breeze on the deck.


Clothing on board

Decent clothing should be worn in the restaurants and public areas of the ship. Swimsuits, towels and sandals are not allowed in the dining areas. Casual attire is preferable for reasons of health and comfort.



Sneakers, flat shoes or any shoe with low heel is suggested so that you can safely and conveniently explore all areas of the ship. Kindly avoid any part of the ship that may be wet, slippery or restricted.



We wish to recommend that you use a photo or video camera during the trip. Keep in mind to frequently charge the batteries as you will have many opportunities to take pictures during the trip.


Special Events

We are able to organize your birthday party, wedding reception or whichever event you wish. Kindly contact the special Events Department and allow us to organize the event of your dreams!


Necessary travel documentation for the cruise

Besides the travel documents that you already possess, you should also have the official documents that you have purchased regarding the cruise: the ticket or the voucher issued from your travel agency. In addition, you should carefully read – even better print – the document on “Transportation Terms”.


Alcohol and food

Alcohol and food are not allowed on board. Our ship’s bar and restaurant are well equipped and ready to cover all your needs during the cruise.



Each passenger is allowed to carry a hand-luggage with the relevant personal belongings.



There are no facilities on board to welcome your small friends.


Passengers with disabilities

Passengers with disabilities may travel on our ship only with the attendance of an escort.


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