Part of the Greek Nome of the Dodecanese,

 is situated in the Southeast Aegean in the Mediterranean Sea. Rhodes Island has a land area of 1,398 square kilometers and a population of approximately 100,000. The third largest of the Greek islands, it boasts the best sunshine record in Greece. Rhodes Town, located on the northern tip of the island, is the capital of the Dodecanese. 

Rhodes lies at the crossroads of two continents, combining the worldliness of Europe and the mystery of the Orient. It is a startling mixture of ancient cities and temples, medieval castles and fortresses, Christian and Ottoman religious architecture, and picturesque traditional villages. It is rare to find one place so steeped in history and culture. Rhodes is also renowned for its beaches, which are widely regarded as the loveliest in Greece. 

At the same time, Rhodes is one of the most developed islands in the Mediterranean, providing visitors with every imaginable holiday amenity. Large modern luxury hotels of international standards, harbors, yachting, sailing, golf courses, spas, sports facilities, countless nighttime entertainment options, a world class casino, renowned restaurants and luxury clothing and jewelry shops. Rhodes airport is international with direct flights to international cities and other destinations in Greece. 

Kalithea This is the beach where the elite of Rhodes society like to gather every day. The attraction is partly the short distance from Rhodes town, partly the glamour of the magnificent Baths built here by the Italians 

Lindos An exquisite village with white-washed houses built on a hillside, the top of which is dominated by the Acropolis. Lindos, one of the 3 ancient cities of Rhodes has a history of 3000 years, and visitors faithfully return every year to enjoy its beauty ! In the bay below, the soft sandy beach enclosed by the crystal clear Aegean waters, is ideal for swimming and sunbathing.
Map of the island of Rhodes